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Datum - zondag 6 november 2022
14:45 - 16:15 uur

Loc 17



We are an art collective called ‘COMMON’. Hailing from different places in the world but residing and working in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. We as 8 artists make music individually, and as a group, but also dabble in other art forms.

From pop, hip-hop, and rock and all the way to alternative

We created a new project this past year called ‘ON COMMON’; a project consisting of 7 songs, ranging from pop, hip-hop, rock, and all the way to alternative.


Het collectief COMMON bestaat uit 10 artiesten: 6 vocalisten, 1 saxofoon, gitaar, drums, toetsen, bas. Het optreden in LOC17 vindt daarom plaats in de Loods en niet in de Spiegeltent.