The Starpeople | (DUBBELCONCERT met MinLuVi)

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Datum - zaterdag 5 november 2022
21:45 - 23:15 uur

Podium Doesburg



The Starpeople have landend on planet Earth. This new and young group presents a musical universe on the edge of free, experimental and modal jazz. Performing the music of giants such as McCoy Tyner and Freddie Hubbard with an original and sparkly twist. Through their art they share the belief that ‘Everyone is equal, but still an individual’.

Mysterious, confusing but harmonious

On stage the band creates an active dynamic. The musicians don’t limit themselves to only playing their instruments, but also create sound effects with basically everything around themselves. The Starpeople can be described in three words: mysterious, confusing but harmonious.


Fee Aaij: piano and video editing (@piaaijno.fee)
Elias Luijten: trumpet and flugelhorn (@elias.luijten)
Qisheng Zheng: flute (@qisheng_zheng)
Min Won: drums, recording and mixing (@minwonmusic)
Jerom van der Laar Wijen: electric bass (@veryjmellowfellow)

The Starpeople speelt een dubbelconcert met MinLuVi.